Flatpack Containers

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Flat Pack Containers 

Suitable for Showrooms, Events, Exhibitions, Temporary Accommodation, Disaster Relief Housing, Site Buildings, Schools, Hospitals, Home Offices, Extensions, Affordable Housing, Resorts, Quarantine Facilities, Workers Camps, Meeting Rooms, Ablution Facilities, Shower Units, Kitchens, Laundry, Recreation House, Prayer Room, Checkpoints.

With a generous assembled size 5.95M Long x 3M Wide x 2.8M High, and multiple optional extras limited only to your imagination, this container product is a clever solution.

Manufactured according to CE certification and Eurocode standards in a strictly quality-controlled factory environment with an ISO 9001: 2000 quality assurance certificate.

No matter where in the world you are executing a project, Podular can take care of the logistics with professional and extensive ocean, road, rail, and air options.


WARRANTY: Full 12 Months Parts Replacement Warranty. Should any part of module be missing or defective. Shipping not included unless shipped by seller.

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Benefits of Flatpacks

  • Space and storage friendly
  • Simple to dismantle, transport and deliver.
  • Delivered in boxes rather than shipping air in a container
  • Highly customizable (engage our designers)
  • High-quality
  • Fast shipping
  • Easy installation.
  • Stackable: Stacked five high when flat
  • Faster and cheaper to build than traditional brick and mortar
  • Includes assembly instructions and necessary tools
  • Generous size
  • Easy assembly just like a Makano set
  • Engineered to connect horizontally and up to 3 storeys
  • 3 or 4 semi-skilled people can erect within 3 hours
  • English Instructions (other language if required)
  • Fire & Earthquake Resistance
  • Heat & Sound Insulation sandwich panel walls and roof,
  • Moisture-proof and soundproof.
1Main Frames(2.3mm)Roof Stringerpcs25630mmPowder Coating
2Main Frames(2.3mm)Roof Beampcs22680mmPowder Coating
3Main Frames (2.3mm)Floor Stringerpcs25630mmPowder Coating
4Main Frames(2.3mm)Floor Beampcs22680mmPowder Coating
5Main Frames(2.3mm)Columnpcs42480mmPowder Coating
6Main Frames(2.3mm)Corner Fittingpcs8160*160mmPowder Coating
7Roof/Floor PurlinRoof Slot 1pcs25730mmGalvanized
8Roof/Floor PurlinRoof Slot 2pcs22800mmGalvanized
9Roof/Floor PurlinFloor Purlin 1pcs42990mm口80*80 Galvanized Steel Square Tube
10Roof/Floor PurlinFloor Purlin 2pcs52990mm口40*80 Galvanized Steel Square Tube
11Roof/Floor PurlinRoof Purlin 1pcs22800mm口50*50 Galvanized Steel Square Tube
12Roof/Floor PurlinRoof Purlin 2pcs31880mm口40*80 Galvanizied Steel Square Tube
13Roof/Floor PurlinRoof Purlin 3pcs61880mm口40*60 Galvanizied Steel Square Tube
14Enclosure PartWall panel 1pcs152560mmwall
15Enclosure PartWall panel 2pcs21380mmfor window
16Enclosure PartWall panel 3pcs1485mmlocated up door
17Enclosure PartDoorset1950*2070mm
19Enclosure PartWindowset2925*1200mm
20Enclosure PartRoof tilepcs62950mm0.45mm
21Enclosure PartCeilingpcs62800mm0.23mm
22Enclosure PartRoof insulationroll0.518sqm
23Enclosure PartFloorpcs51147*2800mm
24Aluminum Trim 1for covering gaps between ceilings & wallspcs22790mm
25Aluminum Trim 3for covering gaps between ceilings & wallspcs26000mm
26Aluminum Trim 2for covering gaps between walls at 4 cornerspcs42520mm
27Sealantfor covering screws & gaps on roofpcs2
28Rub Tapefor roof sealantm12
29Carriage Boltfor connection mainframespcs64
30M10*60 Boltfor install 40*80floor purlinpcs10
31M10*100 Boltfor install 80*80floor purlinpcs8
32M5.5*25 Self-Tapping Screwfor install Roof&Wall &Frame slot/ roof panelpcs170
33M5.5*75 Self-Tapping Screwfor install install Roof slot &Frame& wall panelspcs25
34M70 Flat Head Screwfor install Floor panelspcs35
35M4.8*38 Screwfor install Floor panelspcs50
36M4.2*16 Screwfor ceilingpcs170
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